1. 'The Age' Editorial item 'Don't screw up Fishermans Bend' Click to read

  2. Pedestrians using the Beacon Cove boardwalk are now able to
    use the newly installed handrails rather than the bike path
    to access higher and lower levels. At last.

  3. Hi bob (rowan) , just reading the local port people newsletter and saw the piece about the market. Thought I'd let you know that I love the market but my habits on using it have changed. I started using the market 20 years ago and I would go every weekend for my families weekly shop. Loved it as I could get in and out quickly, great choice and inexpensive. I now struggle to do that with parking and traffic always busy, unless you go early or late. With all the new dining and boutique style shops I think people are staying longer meaning cars aren't rolling through as often. I now food shop at coles. I go to the market to meet friends for lunch or go to the small bike shop so probably go every 6 weeks compared to weekly. Choice is still there but now more expensive (comparable to Prahran). I believe that great markets provide a focal point for the community and could provide competition to coles and woolies for groceries if focussed on their core business. With the death of the high street butcher, fishmonger, fruit and veg etc markets are more important than ever.Whilst putting in dining and boutiques has created a destination for the market, you are pushing the community out who just want to shop and not have an 'experience'. Just my thoughts. Regards, Matt all CoPP resident of 20 years.
    Ps let's hope vic market doesn't lose its focus with its redevelopment.
    (published with author's consent)

  4. Port Phillip Council drives down parking costs Published 29 June 2017 - Source Twitter.
    Visitors popping into Waterfront Place and Fitzroy Street will soon pay much less for parking under a two year Port Phillip Council pilot.

    “We are cutting parking prices in both locations by more than 50 per cent,” Mayor Bernadene Voss said.

    Council will monitor whether cheaper paid parking from 1 July 2017 until 30 June 2019 at these two destinations encourages more visitors.

    Waterfront Place and parts of Fitzroy Street are struggling at the moment despite being home to an array of restaurants and cafes in their seaside locations. Cr Voss said the change is particularly aimed at increasing visits there during the traditionally quieter winter months.

    Longer term measures to rejuvenate Fitzroy Street are already underway and Council is developing design guidelines for Waterfront Place to provide a framework for great outcomes for future developments, Cr Voss said.

    “These locations need a bit of love right now, however, and our pilot will help us better understand the relationship between parking pricing and visitation.”

    The change may equate to about $250,000 in potential lost income a year for Council. Cr Andrew Bond, who put forward the change, said Council has a responsibility to assist traders.

    “While other efforts are underway, cutting parking costs is something we can action immediately. The number of parking transactions in Fitzroy Street is 30 per cent lower than it was just five years ago,” Cr Bond said.

    “The price of parking has been out of sync with demand. Port Phillip has wisely decided to put the vibrancy of its precincts ahead of the bottom line.”

    Cr Voss urged visitors and residents to experience Waterfront Place and Fitzroy Street. “Come along and enjoy the great dining, have a coffee or even just a stroll on the nearby foreshore.”

    Council officers will analyse available data to establish if cheaper parking results in extra visitors.

    Waterfront Place April to September: Hourly paid parking drops from $5.20 to $1.80; maximum/daily rate falls from $12.60 to $8.50. October to March: Hourly rate: $3.80.

    Fitzroy Street (inclusive of side streets) April to September: Hourly paid parking drops from $3.80 to $1.80; maximum/daily rate falls from $12.60 to $8.50. October to March: Hourly rate: $3.80.

    City of Port Phillip Media Unit T: 9209 6506, M: 0401 367 627, E: mediaenquiries@portphillip.vic.gov.au

  5. Read the July 2016 Vic Gov Project Update for Fishermans Bend renewal development - Click to access. If you have any queries about community action on this planning. email us

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  9. FBURA vs the Resource Recovery Centre. The Fisherman's Bend urban renewal project will have a profound impact on our much appreciated Resource Recovery Centre in Boundary St, Port Melbourne. The Strategic Framework Plan for FBURA has the Centre and the White St Council Depot next door shown as "4-storey open space". The whole block is wedged between the town house development at 164 Ingles St and the four tower development with towers of 21, 27, 43 and 46 storeys at 60-82 Johnson Street. We will continue to talk to the State Government and CoPP to ensure the public facility is retained for ratepayers. .

  10. Ministerial Advisory Committee for Fishermans Bend redevelopment meeting minutes - 30 July 2015 Access the Minutes If you have queries. email us

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  12. On the 14 May 2015, the Minister for Planning, the Hon Richard Wynne kick-started the Better Apartments discussion by releasing the document Better Apartments: A Discussion Paper. The purpose of the discussion paper is to provide a context to apartment living and discuss key issues of internal design, amenity and functionality of apartments and apartment buildings. The discussion paper was a joint project between the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning and the Office of the Victorian Government Architect. A copy is available on the Better Apartments webpage click to access If you require further information, please contact the Victorian Government Contact Centre on 1300 366 356

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  18. Don't fence in our parks

    Port People Inc was so concerned about the fencing off of Elder Smith Reserve on the northern side of Williamstown Road, diagonally opposite the end of Centre Ave, that President Helen Kuchel wrote a letter of complaint to our local councillor Janet Bolitho.

    A star post and fencing wire fence was strung along the Williamstown Road boundary of this area, apparently to deter illegal dumping of rubbish. Whilst we are completely sympathetic to the need to stop dumping this is not a satisfactory solution. The fence itself is particularly unattractive.

    Council's attempt at securing the site gives the impression of the old enclosure rule, or at least trying to claim some sort of adverse possession. In this time of drastically diminishing public open space and increasing demand, Port People strongly objected to this further loss of community amenity. Janet Bolitho responded immediately to the complaint and has promised that action would be taken to employ more sympathetic barriers to create a people-friendly space in the park. Also look out for some newly installed tables and seats.